JOURNAL # 003 "Tea you want to drink with meals"

Since its founding, EN TEA has been trying to update the tea that is closely related to our culture to the present day and propose the essential enjoyment of tea.
Introducing what kind of tea you would like us to take in according to the scene so that you can deepen the experience of drinking tea in a complicated lifestyle.

"Tea you want to drink with meals"
We will tell you recommended teas by genre so that you can enjoy EN TEA tea while eating.

Matching regardless of meal genre is " Mizudashi Green Tea Yuzu " and " Hojicha ".
" Mizudashi Green Tea Yuzu " has a pleasant astringency and natural sweetness, and the scent of Yuzu goes well with not only Japanese food but also Western food, and it goes well with various meals.
" Roasted tea " is roasted just before production, and the fragrant roasted aroma and the transparency created by mainly using the stems of tea leaves are of course Japanese food. Matches all genres of food.
In both cases, the taste of tea is not overstated, and you can enjoy it without interrupting the flow of meals like carbonated water.

For rice-based meals such as rice balls, we recommend " Kamairicha ". It's also great to simply enjoy it as Ochazuke!

Also, for ethnic and Chinese foods, " Hojicha " is thickly served and chilled with ice.
When combined with strong flavored ingredients such as coriander, lemongrass, and ginger, it harmonizes strangely and can be enjoyed even more deliciously.

Please enjoy EN TEA tea at your meal time.

Watered green tea Yuzu tea bag

[WEB only] Watered green tea Yuzu tea bag 30 pieces

Roasted tea tea bag

[WEB only] Roasted tea bag 30 pieces

Kamairicha tea bag

[WEB only] Kamairicha tea bag 30 pieces

Red roasted tea tea bag

[WEB only] Red roasted tea tea bag 30 pieces