EN TEA RECIPE # 008 "Red Roasted Tea Amaretto"

A recipe for tea leaves that you can enjoy at home.
EN TEA tea leaves We are confident that we can experience "delicious" and "fun" in our daily lives. Introducing the arrangement recipe of.

"Red roasted tea amaretto" with a gorgeous aroma and refreshing sweetness.
Easy to drink even for those who are not good at alcohol, and very popular with women.

[Time required: about 5 minutes]

■ Materials
Red roasted tea : 1 tea bag
Hot water: 140 ml
Amaretto: 40ml

■ Procedure
1) Put a tea bag in the bowl, pour boiling water and leave it for 90 seconds.
2) Fill a glass with a large amount of ice and pour 1)

3) Match the amaretto.

4) Mix well
5) Completion

■ EN TEA tea leaves used in this recipe

Red roasted tea tea bag

[WEB only] Red roasted tea tea bag 30 pieces