EN TEA RECIPE # 006 "Watered Green Tea Beer"

A recipe for tea leaves that you can enjoy at home.
EN TEA tea leaves We are confident that we can experience "delicious" and "fun" in our daily lives. Introducing the arrangement recipe of.

Beer is over the throat, and the taste is surprisingly fruity "Mizudashi Green Tea Beer".
You can enjoy the bitterness of green tea in the afterglow.

[Time required: about 5 minutes]

■ Materials
Room temperature water: 200ml
Watered green tea : 1 tea bag
Beer: 350ml
Ice: Appropriate amount

■ Procedure
1) Extract watered green tea with 200 ml of water

2) Prepare 350 ml of beer
* It will be refreshing if you add ice, so

if you like

3) Gently pour green tea

4) Completion
* You can mix tea and beer from the beginning, or enjoy the gradual change in taste while drinking

■ EN TEA tea leaves used in this recipe

Watered green tea tea bag

EN TEA bottle + watered green tea tea bag set

[WEB only] Watered green tea tea bag 30 pieces

RECIPE 水出し緑茶