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【2022年4月】EN TEA ノベルティ「水出し緑茶」

[April 2022] EN TEA Novelty "Watered Green Tea"

Fri, Apr 01, 22

The novelty in April is " watered green tea ".
Currently, we are giving away a trial tea bag of " Mizudashi Green Tea " to everyone who purchased from the online store.

At this time of year when the temperature gradually rises, vegetation buds bloom, and the change of seasons toward spring can be clearly felt, the cool green tea that you drink with water is used to incorporate the change of seasons into your life. I would like you to do it.
Put a tea bag in 500ml of water and shake it for 30 seconds to make fresh green tea.
If you reduce the number of shakes, it will be refreshing, and if you increase it, it will be firm. If you like, please enjoy the 2nd and 3rd brews.

Watered green tea tea bag

[WEB only] Watered green tea tea bag 30 pieces

EN TEA bottle + watered green tea tea bag set