[Minimal] New Green Tea Chocolate + [EN TEA] 紅焙じ茶 ペアリングセット

[Minimal] New Green Tea Chocolate + [EN TEA] Red Roasted Tea Pairing Set

Tue, Feb 01, 22

From noon on February 4, 2022, we jointly developed with Minimal -Bean to Bar Chocolate- (minimal) , a chocolate brand headquartered in Tomigaya. We will start selling a pairing set of "New Green Tea Chocolate" and "Red Roasted Tea" of EN TEA.

With the theme of "green tea" to eat, "New Green Tea Chocolate" is a chocolate that contains the bitterness, umami, sweetness, and the afterglow of green tea.
This time, we have selected "Red Roasted Tea" from EN TEA tea leaves and prepared a limited quantity as a set that you can enjoy pairing.

EN TEA and Minimal . With the insatiable spirit of both sides, green tea chocolate and red roasted tea with the ideal taste and quality that are convincing. Please enjoy the scientific reaction of taste that occurs when pairing teas with each other.

When you eat "New Green Tea Chocolate" and "Red Roasted Tea" together, the milky feeling of chocolate and the smooth texture of the afterglow of red roasted tea stand out well.
By daring to put the gorgeous aroma of roasted red tea in between, the greenness of chocolate green tea spreads in your mouth.
If you eat chocolate, drink red roasted tea with the scent still remaining, and eat chocolate again, the following pairing effect will be produced.

Pairing effect
1) The lush aroma and milky aftertaste, combined with the gorgeousness of roasted red tea, give the impression of a smooth texture and spicy aroma.

2) The gorgeous fragrance peculiar to roasted red tea remains as the axis, so the rhythm is not interrupted, and as you continue to eat New Green Tea Chocolate, each has a different personality (green scent and pleasant astringency). You can feel the umami / the gorgeous sweetness of roasted green tea) more sensitively.

[Minimal] New Green Tea Chocolate + [EN TEA] Red Roasted Tea Pairing Set
Price: 2,970 Yen
■ Set contents
・ New Green Tea Chocolate (50g)
・ Red roasted tea tea bag (3g x 7 pieces)
・ Cloth purse bag L (width 26cm x length 34cm)

■ Sales start date
February 4, 2022 (Friday)

■ Dealers
EN TEA online store (2/4 noon sales start)
GEN GEN AN Phantom Shibuya

NEW TEA LAB # 003 Maruwaka, the representative of EN TEA, asks Mr. Takatsugu Yamashita of Minimal -Bean to Bar Chocolate- (Minimal) directly about the background and feelings he put into it.
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