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新商品入荷。<茶と茶簡>緑茶ティーバッグ+[開化堂] 茶簡セット

New product arrival. Green tea tea bag + [Kaikado] Tea bag set

Sat, Jan 29, 22

Enjoy the taste of green tea brewed in a teapot with a tea bag.
The precious tea leaves prepared as a set of tea and tea ceremony are limited quantity products that will change to new tea types as soon as they are exhausted.

This time, a set of "green tea tea bag" completed by repeated trial and error and "tea bag" of Kaikado in a cosmetic box.
Not only for home use, but also as a gift for loved ones.

Green tea tea bag + [Kaikado] Tea ceremony set
Price: 7,700 yen

1 "Green tea tea bag"
Using young bud tea leaves grown in a sunny tea plantation around Ureno, you can feel the deliciousness and lush scent. Finished in green tea.
It is said that it is difficult to extract the taste and aroma of green tea in a well-balanced manner with a tea bag. The characteristics of extraction in tea bags, raw material selection and finishing based on that, final blending, and long trial and error have resulted in the ideal green tea tea bag.
One of the charms of the tea bag created in this way is that you can enjoy various flavors by brewing it, which can be done because it is high quality green tea.
This set also includes an extraction recipe that allows you to try brewing methods that match the four everyday scenes of "standard," "pure," "relax," and "refresh."

2 "Tea simple"
"Think about the life of drinking tea simply" A new line of " Kaikado ", a long-established store of handmade tea canisters that has been around since the Meiji era. It is made of a "single structure" that is possible with its technical capabilities, not the conventional double structure, and it is a light and easy-to-carry tea ceremony while the tea canister of Kaikado is hermetically sealed. With a size that can hold 7 tea bags, it is perfect for storing EN TEA tea bags as a "returnable can".
* For a more detailed explanation of "tea ceremony", please visit the URL below