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心を届けるEN TEA GIFT。<br>健やかな日を願う “松竹梅茶” 数量限定販売。

EN TEA GIFT that delivers your heart.
Limited quantity sale of "Shotake Umecha" wishing for a healthy day.

Fri, Dec 24, 21

A special day to be greeted by spending your daily life carefully. We have prepared a new product with the desire to treat Halle and Ke in the same way, wish for a "good day" with loved ones, and deliver tea that can be enjoyed while communicating with one's heart.
Shochiku Umecha ” is an upgraded version of EN TEA's basic line quality that you can enjoy at home with the theme of “lucky things”.

This time, in "fragrance, color, taste", we express our gratitude and gratitude with Sangenjaya.

The Japanese have long valued the custom of showing gratitude to nature and their ancestors.
We will convey "Thank you" and "Thank you" to everything that feeds our daily lives, and give gifts to those who have taken care of us with seasonal greetings.
In this series, just like cleaning your hands at a shrine, we have carefully finished the "color" and "taste" that can cleanse your mind by drinking tea.
If we could reconsider the time of tea that is being lost in modern times and share the healthy heart and life that is born through tea with many people- "Shotake Umecha" was born with that in mind. We propose that you can enjoy the calmness of touching the solemn air and relax your mind and body, and color the beginning of a refreshing day.

Products come with a gift box and hanging paper.
Recommended for various celebrations, as a gift for your loved ones or as a gift for your loved ones.

Pine needle tea
Price: 3,780 yen
■ Set contents
Pine / Roasted tea + pine needles, lemon glass
A blend inspired by the sharpness and cleanliness of "pine".
By blending pine needles with roasted tea and adding lemongrass, the overall refreshing feeling is further increased, and it is finished so that you can feel more pure.

Bamboo / Green tea + Kuma bamboo grass, Tangerine
A blend of the vivid green of "bamboo" and the image of a flowing impression.
Tamaryokucha is blended with bamboo bamboo and tangerine peel is added to it to give it a pleasant mouthfeel and finish.

Plum / Green Tea + Plum, Shiso
A blend of plums with the image of the attractiveness and overflowing vitality.
Kamairicha is blended with plum meat and shiso, and the balance between umami and salt is delicately adjusted to create a taste reminiscent of plum fruits.

* Tea bags use the biomass material "Soilon" made from plant starch. Unlike ordinary tea bags, it does not emit microplastic and is kind to the sea and the body.