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"NIGHT TEA TIME SET" GEN GEN AN Limited sale at the phantom online store

Sun, Dec 19, 21

Special blended tea that has been very popular since its launch " Comet " " Black Hole ".
These two types of tea leaves are the tea bag line of the famous store " Sakurai Tea Research Institute " in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo. It is made by blending the materials of EN TEA by "Sakurai Sakenkyujo".
This time, we have prepared a special set of tea leaves and clothes under the theme of "TEA TIME" where you can enjoy not only tea but also the whole time.

Two types of tea leaves that enrich our essential rest time, such as before going to bed or on holidays, and a sweatshirt with "tea and space" that is just right for relaxing with a cup of tea. A set of shirts. The
sweatshirt illustration was created under the direction of stylist Shinichi Mita , who is also used in the packaging design of tea leaves. Graphic by video director Yusuke Tanaka . GEN GEN AN The phantom staff hand-printed each piece .

■ Product Details
Set contents:
A "Comet (7 tea bags)" + GEN GEN AN phantom sweatshirt + original 2 types of pin badges
B "Black Hole (7 tea bags)" + GEN GEN AN phantom sweatshirt + 2 types of original pin badges

Price: 5,500 yen (tax in)
Sales set Number: Limited to 40 sets
Sales period: December 20th (Monday) -December 26th (Sunday)
Sales store: GEN GEN AN Phantom online store

■ Details of tea leaves
A refreshing blend of a comet flying in outer space and leaving a lingering gentleness as if it had a tail. Tea that changes its taste from the aroma to the aftertaste.
Taste: Refreshing sweetness and astringency.
Incense: Blue and floral scent of roasted tea. A scent that gradually changes and gives a feeling of floating.
Ingredient name: Tea / Lemon skin / Moon peach leaf / Loquat leaf / Lemongrass / Lavender

"Black Hole"
If you drink it before going to bed at night, it will go into the darkness. A blend of deep flavors that will draw you in. A tea that goes well with the night when you are alone and indulge in thoughts.
Taste: Calm sweetness and slight stimulation.
Incense: Deep aroma and gorgeous scent. A deep scent that draws you in.
Ingredient name: Tea / Tangerine skin / Ginger / Roselet petal

■ Sweatshirt details
Size development:
M Length: 70.0 / Width: 56.5 / Sleeve length: 59.0 / Shoulder width: 55.0
L Length: 71.0 / Width: 60.0 / Sleeve length: 59.0 / Shoulder width: 59.0
XL Length: 72.0 / Width: 64.5 / Sleeve length: 59.0 / Shoulder width: 65.0

50% Cotton. 50% Polyester
Because it is a brushed back material, you can wear it warmly even in winter.
The soft and fluffy texture that you can wear comfortably and comfortably is attractive.
Since it is a silhouette that can be worn loosely and loosely, it can be worn easily regardless of the bottom.
A unisex item that can be worn by both men and women.

* Not available at Shibuya / Hasami stores.
* This is a limited sale of 40 sets, so it will end as soon as it runs out.
* The shipping date of the online store is every Monday / Thursday / Friday.
* Depending on the area you live in and the date of your order, it may take up to a week for delivery.