EN TEAの「水出し緑茶 柚子」、CHA TOKYOの「水出し柚子緑茶」のブレンドをアップデートしました

The blend of EN TEA's "Mizudashi Green Tea Yuzu" and CHA TOKYO's "Mizudashi Yuzu Green Tea" has been updated.

Thu, Apr 08, 21

From Thursday, April 8, 2021, the blend of EN TEA's " Mizudashi Green Tea Yuzu " and CHA TOKYO's " Mizudashi Yuzu Green Tea " has been updated.

The blend has been changed to increase the softness of the mouth while keeping the taste of green tea with the sweetness and refreshing aroma of yuzu.
As a result, the gentle sweetness and aroma of Yuzu has become more pronounced, making it easier to drink repeatedly, making it even easier to incorporate into everyday life.

Watered green tea Yuzu tea bag

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