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【2021年4月】EN TEA おすすめの茶「玉緑茶 ティーバッグ」

[April 2021] EN TEA recommended tea "Tamaryokucha tea bag"

Thu, Apr 01, 21

This month, EN TEA's recommended tea is " Tamaryokucha Tea Bag ".

Steamed tamaryokucha, which is mainly made in northwestern Kyushu and is made into a magatama shape by steaming immediately after plucking to stop oxidation and then kneading and drying it, has been sold only on leaves.
Reproduce the taste of leaf and teapot. Not because it is a tea bag, but because it has a taste that is easy to drink and easy to drink, we started selling it in March this year.
It is easy to incorporate into everyday life, it is less irritating, it feels sweet and a little bluish, and it has a good throat.

Currently, we are giving away a trial tea bag of " Tamaryokucha " to everyone who purchased from the online store.
Please try the "green tea tea bag" that EN TEA recommends with confidence.

Tamaryokucha tea bag

[WEB only] Tamaryokucha tea bag 30 pieces

Also, for those who purchase over 5,000 yen (tax included) at the online store this month, try the standard product " Mizudashi Green Tea " since the start of EN TEA. We will give you a tea bag for you.
Put a tea bag in 500ml of water and shake it for 30 seconds to make fresh green tea. Please try this as well.