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フレッシュな食文化を発信するWEBメディア「」にて、[Minimal]×[丸山珈琲]×[GEN GEN AN 幻]の鼎談掲載

[Minimal] x [Maruyama Coffee] x [GEN GEN AN Phantom] posted on the WEB media "" that sends out fresh food culture

Tue, Feb 02, 21

A talk about [Minimal] x [Maruyama Coffee] x [GEN GEN AN Phantom] was posted on the WEB media " " that sends out fresh food culture.

" Green Tea Stored Aged Sugar (Chocolate)" jointly developed with " Minimal -Bean to Bar Chocolate- " which started selling on February 2nd and sold out immediately / New Green Tea Chocolate ".
At the same time, Minimal co-developed two types of coffee chocolate with the prestigious specialty coffee " Maruyama Coffee ".
A talk by three representatives of about the project to confine the changing aroma and taste of "tea" and "coffee" to "chocolate" has been released .
Please take a look at the thoughts and commitments packed into each product.

Also, a deeper development secret story about New Green Tea Chocolate was talked with Minimal Yamashita and EN TEA Maruwaka. , Is published as a separate article.
Please take a look here as well.
"Chocolate is'Rocky'and tea is'Ashita no Joe'? [Minimal] Takatsugu Yamashita x [GEN GEN AN Phantom] Hirotoshi Maruwaka"