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Tea incense furnace was released as "kouro # 01" from the update "MABOROSHI"

Sat, Jan 30, 21

The tea incense oven, which was sold at the EN TEA online store until last year and has been discontinued, has been updated and released as " kouro # 01 " from " MABOROSHI ".

" MABOROSHI " is a brand newly created by Maruwaka, the president of EN TEA.
The tea incense furnace has been updated as " kouro # 01 " by product designer Osamu Saruyama as a more sophisticated design.
Also, as a tea leaf for kouro, " maboroshi41 ", which is a blend of four types of tea leaves, has been released.

* Sales at EN TEA online store are undecided

Touching and nurturing the space "
MABOROSHI was born by facing the tradition of Japanese scents and returning to the origin of how to enjoy.
We will deliver the scent that creates your own "pause" every day, along with reliable materials and techniques, by snuggling up when facing yourself.