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【2020年10月】EN TEA おすすめの茶「焙じ茶」

[October 2020] EN TEA recommended tea "roasted tea"

Thu, Oct 01, 20

This month, EN TEA's recommended tea is " Hojicha ", which was switched to the 2020 version from October 1st.

This year's feature is that the mouth is clear and transparent, and the pleasant aftertaste remains the same, and the sweetness and aroma spread deeply in your head.
With a strong sweetness, we make it wholeheartedly so that you will feel bright and positive when you drink it.
Please enjoy it.

Roasted tea tea bag

[WEB only] Roasted tea bag 30 pieces

Currently, we are giving away a trial tea bag of "Hojicha" to everyone who purchased from the online store.

Also, this month, " Tsukimocha " from " Tea and Today. CHA TOKYO ", which was on sale from September 1st, will be available. , We will give a trial tea bag to those who purchase over 5,000 yen (tax included) at the online store.