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9月19日(土)〜21日(日)、「第13回 上出長右衛門窯 窯まつり」にGEN GEN ANが無人(!)出店

GEN GEN AN opens unmanned (!) At the "13th Uede Choemon Kiln Festival" from September 19th (Sat) to 21st (Sun).

Tue, Sep 15, 20

The " Uede Choemon Kiln ", which is also available at the EN TEA online store, GEN GEN AN , is held every May in Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Kiln Festival ". This year, due to the spread of the new corona infection, it was postponed to September, and the " Kiln Festival " was held at complete reservation system .
GEN GEN AN will open an unmanned (!) Store at this " Kiln Festival " this year.

A tea bag will come out when you insert a coin and turn the handle.
In addition to tea bags, "tote bags & can badges" and "watering bottles & watering green tea (3 types)" are the hits. And the big hit will be "Secret zoom tea ceremony invitation ticket & tea" in which Keigo Uede of Choemon Uede and Hirotoshi Maruwaka of GEN GEN AN will participate. ..

The 13th "Kamiide ​​Nagaemon Kiln Festival"
We Kutani ware kiln former, Uede Choemon kiln with daily gratitude We hold the "Kiln Festival" every May to invite everyone to the kiln and learn about the handicrafts of the craftsmen behind the goods. This year, the "Kiln Festival" was postponed to September due to the spread of the new corona infection.
I still have uneasy days that cannot be said to have converged, but if I should not extinguish the fire and culture of the kiln, I will take all possible infection control measures " Complete reservation・ We have decided to hold the event with a replacement system ".
We will carry out factory tours, standard products, as well as special sales of popular kiln festival limited products and "Teshima Uta products" that come out during the manufacturing process. There is also a nice store tent. At the same time, we are preparing to make it enjoyable for those who cannot come, such as online sales and live distribution from the venue. We look forward to your visit.

Date: September 19th (Sat) -21st (Mon)
Complete reservation / replacement system

Uede Choemon Kiln
, Yoshimitsumachi, Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture (near Terai High School) Parking lot / 120 cars
Tel: 0761-57-3344 / Fax: 0761-58-5344