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新商品「水出し緑茶 山椒」販売開始

Sales of new product "Mizudashi Green Tea Sansho" started

Fri, Jun 12, 20

From June 12, 2020 (Friday), we started selling the new product " Mizudashi Green Tea Sansho ".

Naturally cultivated Japanese pepper is blended with " Mizudashi Green Tea ", which represents EN TEA.
-based green tea has a high aroma even at low temperatures and is easy to extract by changing the degree of roasting depending on the part of the tea leaves and mixing them in a unique ratio.
The blended Japanese pepper is grown naturally in the mountains of Wakayama prefecture.
Sansho has a refreshing taste that makes you feel that it is a citrus fruit, and the sweetness of green tea is added with a refreshing refreshing taste, the mouth is refreshing, and the aftertaste is refreshing. ..
A new watered green tea that is perfect for the coming season.

■ About Sansho
Wakayama Prefecture boasts the largest production of Sansho in Japan.
Even in the prefecture, Aridagawa-cho, Arida-gun is said to be the birthplace of grape sansho, and large, high-quality fruits grow like grape bunches.
We use a rich yet refreshing and precious grape Sansho fruit that has been aged and dried, and then ground to a fragrant size.

About Mizudashi Green Tea Mizudashi Green Tea can bring out theanine, which is a sweet and umami ingredient, so it is very suitable for meals and has the umami ingredient of tea. It overlaps with the umami of the meal, and the taste is amplified, making it a wonderful green tea.
Also, when extracted by watering, a large amount of Epigalocatecin (EGC) is extracted. Theanine is reassuring and relaxing.

Watered green tea Sansho tea bag
¥ 1,000 + tax
EN TEA Bottle + Watered Green Tea Sansho Tea Bag Set
¥ 2,000 + tax