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NEW TEA TIMES  - 茶の閒 #04 -

NEW TEA TIMES --Tea Times # 04-

Sat, May 09, 20

"NEW TEA TIMES --Cha no Ko # 04-" will be delivered live from 15:00 on May 10th (Sun).
EN TEA's presidency, Hirotoshi Maruwaka invites guests to talk over a cup of tea at GEN GEN AN phantom Instagram Live . Please.

■ Time schedule
15: 00-16: 00
" MAISON ", who has been active in famous restaurants in Paris, France and is the owner chef last year. Atsumi Sota , who has been opened and is supported by chefs all over the world.
We will talk about live voices from Paris, co-starring with the world's top restaurants that we worked on last year, tea that Atsumi feels, and so on.

16:00 ~
We will deliver a tea talk with Sakurai Shinya of Sakurai Tea Research Institute , which is closely related to Paris. ..

If you can see it, please bring a cup of tea with you.

◉ Tea 閒 Instagram live distribution
As part of the NEW TEA TIMES project, "Tea 閒" is a modern "tea 閒 = time of relaxation" For the purpose of updating, from the latest tea information with those who support us on a daily basis, those who have received a lot of inspiration, and tea wisdom that can be utilized in daily life, tea I will talk with one hand.

* Please follow gen2an when you watch.
* The NEW TEA TIMES project is an initiative that aims to nurture, nurture, and integrate the future of tea, including us, with tea lovers, regardless of brand or position.