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上海・黄浦濱江の「teamLab Borderless Shangha」内に、「EN TEA HOUSE-幻花亭」がオープン

"EN TEA HOUSE-Genka-tei" opens in "teamLab Borderless Shangha" in Huangpu Hamae, Shanghai

Fri, Nov 22, 19

On November 5, 2019 (Tuesday), a large-scale museum " teamLab Borderless Shanghai " of the art group TeamLab opened in Huangpu Hamae, Shanghai.
teamLab Borderless Shanghai is a group of about 50 works by teamLab , including works that have been unveiled for the first time in the world, in a complicated and three-dimensional space that is skillfully intricate. It is on display.

In this teamLab Borderless Shanghai , " EN TEA HOUSE-Genka-tei " has also opened.

In " EN TEA HOUSE-Genka-tei ", when you make a cup of tea, flowers are born and bloom in the tea. The flowers bloom indefinitely as long as there is tea. The tea in the bowl becomes an infinite world where flowers continue to bloom. It is a teahouse where you can drink the infinite world as it is.

■ Address
teamLab Borderless Shanghai
Unit C-2 No 100, Hua Yuan Gang Road, Huangpu, Shanghai
* EN TEA HOUSE is a store in teamLab Borderless Shanghai .
* Those who come to EN TEA HOUSE need to enter teamLab Borderless Shanghai .

■ Business hours
Mon – Fri 11: 30–21: 30
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11: 30–22: 30
* Last admission 30 minutes before closing
* Business hours vary depending on the season.