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EN TEA主宰 丸若裕俊が、G20大阪サミット「配偶者プログラム(1日目)」の全演出を執り行いました

Hirotoshi Maruwaka, the president of EN TEA, directed the entire G20 Osaka Summit "Spouse Program (Day 1)".

Wed, Jul 03, 19

The "G20 Osaka Summit" was held for the first time in Japan.
In the spouse program (1st day) held on June 28th in the whole schedule, all the production of the program in Kyoto (partly Osaka) / Hirotoshi Maruwaka, general direction of tea / Shunichi Matsuo , I was allowed to do it.

The main venue will be held at Tofukuji Temple in Kyoto, which is famous for its famous garden. We were able to invite the spouses of the leaders of each country and international organization to come, putting in the "beauty of Japan" that we can think of in the limited time.

■ Tofukuji Official Website

Crafts, advanced technology, traditional performing arts, food centered on Kansai The day was celebrated with the preparations of hundreds of people, including the main members, for more than half a year.
I sincerely hope that this irreplaceable stage and this experience with friends who have overcome it will take various forms in the future and be utilized in the world of each expression.

Also, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who cooperated with me again, and I would like to thank you for your continued support in the future.

Some information has been disclosed, but we will tell you more about it in the future.

■ Official information

■ Introduction of some participants * Aiueo Jun
-Comprehensive production-
Hirotoshi Maruwaka (EN TEA, Maruwakaya )
-Director / Planning Assistant-
Kana Takeyama

-Food Director-
Taeko Takeda (Richter)
-Tea Director-
Shunichi Matsuo (EN TEA)
-Vessel & Crafts Director-
Takahiro Yagi ( Kaikado )

-Tea ceremony-
Tanabe Takeunsai

Kenichi Nature Farm
Higashisaka Tea Garden
-Chinese medicine-
Sugimoto Pharmacy

-Vessels & Crafts-
Yukiko Asano
Asahi Yaki
Wire net Tsuji
Uede Choemon Kiln
Kocho Sai Kosuga
Somenotsukasa Yoshioka
Takemata Yuichi
Takeunsai Tanabe
Nakagawa Woodcraft
Akashi Niisato
Prestige Japan ( TIME & STYLE >)
Bunsho kiln
HOSOO / majotae

Matsukagi Yamada store

Setsuya Kurotaki ( NF / NOiR)
Den Tanaka Jiro
Ichiro Yamaguchi ( NF / sakanaction )


-Gifts ---
Asahi ware
Wire net Tsuji
Kenichi Natural Farm
Sugimoto Pharmacy
Yamada Matsukagi Store
HOSOO / majotae

Momoko Ando
Tsunehiro Uno
Motohiko Hasui
Fujiwara Printing
Kazumi Murano
Éric Pillault

-Special Thanks-
Ariga Hitomi (EN TEA)
Kyoto Hotel Okura Everyone
Osamu Saruyama
Shohei Nobe (EN TEA)