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5月2日(木)〜4日(土)、「第12回 上出長右衛門窯 窯まつり」にGEN GEN ANが出店

GEN GEN AN opens at "12th Uede Choemon Kiln Festival" from May 2nd (Thursday) to 4th (Saturday)

Thu, Apr 25, 19

Tea at the "Kiln Festival" held in May every year at the " Uede Choemon Kiln " in Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture, which is also available at the EN TEA online store, GEN GEN AN. We will open a stall in Nomi.
* Please check the following for details of the kiln festival
* GEN GEN AN will participate in only for 3 days from May 2nd (Thursday) to 4th (Saturday) t2>

The 12th "Kamiide ​​Nagaemon Kiln Festival"
We, Kutani ware kiln former and Uede Choemon kiln, are grateful for our daily lives. We hold the "Kiln Festival" every May to invite everyone to the kiln and learn about the handicrafts of the craftsmen behind the goods.

Factory tour with all the sites where Kutani ware is born, "Introduction to Choemon" where you can experience introductory experience to painters and potter's wheel, selling standard products, of course, by all means in the manufacturing process We will make a special sale of the second-class products that will come out. In addition, please go out with your family for 4 days where you can experience the culture of the kiln, such as a food and drink tent by a wonderful shop owner and a "night kiln festival" that has a different atmosphere from the daytime.

Date / Time / May 2nd (Thursday), 3rd (Friday), 4th (Saturday), 5th (Sunday) 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (Last day until 16:00)
* Open until 20:00 for "Night Kiln Festival" only on Saturday, 4th

Venue / Uede Choemon Kiln, 65 Yoshimitsumachi, Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture (near Terai High School)