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青山スパイラルホールで開催される「がんばろう広島酒蔵の会」で、日本酒とEN TEAのペアリングを提供

Providing a pairing of sake and EN TEA at the "Ganbaro Hiroshima Sake Brewery Association" held at Aoyama Spiral Hall

Fri, Mar 08, 19

"Ganbaro Hiroshima Sake Brewery Association" is a tasting event held by President Co., Ltd., which publishes the food magazine "dancyu", to convey the charm of Hiroshima's sake.
EN TEA tea will also be provided for pairing with Hiroshima sake produced by Marie Chiba of the sake specialty store "GEM by moto".

■ Event Overview
The heavy rain that struck the western Japan region in July last year caused enormous damage to Hiroshima Prefecture, one of Japan's leading liquor stores. Some breweries have suffered a major hindrance to brewing due to the inflow of muddy water, and some breweries have suffered a decline in sales due to traffic interruptions and stagnant distribution.
The "Ganbaro Hiroshima Sake Brewery Association" supports Hiroshima's sake breweries aiming to recover from disasters. Of the 47 houses in Hiroshima, 21 kuramotos gathered at the venue. You can sample Hiroshima sake, which you rarely see in the metropolitan area.
Furthermore, Marie Chiba of the sake specialty store "GEM by moto" produced the Hiroshima sake pairing. You can experience the pairing of dishes that match the type of Hiroshima sake. Hiroshima Prefecture's antenna shop "TAU" will open in the venue. You can also buy your favorite Hiroshima sake.
A unique opportunity for Hiroshima's sake to line up in Tokyo. Why don't you meet Hiroshima sake, drink it and support it?
We look forward to your participation.

Date and time: Saturday, March 9th, 14: 00-17: 00 Reception starts 13:30
Venue: Aoyama Spiral Hall (5-6-23 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
​​Participation fee: 2500 yen