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パリファッションウィークで開催された、ANREALAGE 2019-20 A/W COLLECTIONでEN TEAの水出し茶を提供

Offering EN TEA watered tea at ANREALAGE 2019-20 A / W COLLECTION held at Paris Fashion Week

Wed, Feb 27, 19

The venue for the 10th Paris Collection "DETAIL" of Unrealage held at 16:30 (Wednesday, February 27, Japan time) at 16:30 local time in Paris. So, we provided EN TEA's watered tea. The theme of the
collection is to find value in things that you usually overlook or are familiar with.
EN TEA provided guests with a tea made by adding a small amount of Japanese pepper to the water-drained tea to match this theme.