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佐賀市 丸房露の元祖「鶴屋」とEN TEAのコラボレーション商品「鶴屋のお茶」

"Tsuruya no Ocha", a collaboration product of EN TEA and the original "Tsuruya" of Maruboro, Saga City

Sun, Sep 23, 18

We have created a new product of "Tsuruya", the original product of Marubōro in Saga City, Saga Prefecture, "Tsuruya's Tea" that matches "Tsuruya's Stroopwafel" as a collaboration product with EN TEA. ..
"Tsuruya Tea" uses Kamairicha, which is characterized by its transparent aroma.
It goes well with Tsuruya's sweets and is finished with a unique blend so that you can enjoy it as a daily tea with a simple taste.

Tsuruya Saga Main Store
1 Nishiuomachi, Saga City, Saga Prefecture