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ATELIER MUJI  有楽町 『「LINK TO LIFE」茶のある風景』展 開催

ATELIER MUJI Yurakucho "" LINK TO LIFE "Landscape with Tea" Exhibition Held

Fri, Aug 24, 18

"LINK TO LIFE" "Landscape with Tea" exhibition will be held at ATELIER MUJI in Yurakucho.

"Landscape with" LINK TO LIFE "tea" exhibition

2018 September 7, 2018 (Friday) -October 7, 2018 (Sunday)
* If the store is closed, the same applies.

Recommendations for daily tea (rice)
Live your usual daily life in a polite manner. It seems easy, and it's one of the unexpectedly difficult things. The Japanese word "daily tea" means something that happens every day, but the "tea thing" that is expressed in that word opens the senses, soothes the heart, and connects people. Rather, it may be that everyday and extraordinary sensations are lurking. In this exhibition, we will expand the possibilities of Japanese tea that you can enjoy in your daily life, and enjoy together with you a place that will bring moisture and stimulation to your daily life. How about tea today? ATELIER MUJI

Enjoy ticking.
Instead of spending a rich time drinking tea, you can spend a limited amount of time drinking tea. Have a heart that seems to be. The ancient people drank tea while looking at the hanging scroll according to the clause, and thought about the marriage with the world of the hanging scroll. However, many people who live in the present want to spend such time, but have given up because they cannot live a comfortable life. In this exhibition, the experience of the time that the ancient people found between the hanging scroll and the tea is ticked by the beautiful photographs by the artist, the tea that we make sincerely facing each other, and the encounter here. I want you to. EN TEA