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水出し茶専用「EN TEA ボトル」販売開始

Started selling "EN TEA Bottle" exclusively for watered tea

Tue, Jul 03, 18

We have started selling a set of cold-brewed tea and EN TEA's original bottle for cold-brewed tea "EN TEA Bottle" online.

Of all the bottles I have tried all over the world, the bottle that can extract EN TEA's watered tea in the simplest and quickest way is sure to be a must-have once you use it.
Ideal for use in active scenes or as a gift for friends.
This is the debut of a product that makes tea fun.

■ Details
Price: 1600 yen (excluding tax)
* You can choose the tea leaves of the set from Mizudashi tea / Yuzu green tea / Lemongrass green tea.
Capacity: 450cc
Size (diameter x height x width of mouthpiece): 5.6cm x 22.2cm x 3.8cm