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「茶と今日。CHA TOKYO」パッケージ、環境に配慮した生分解性素材へ変更

"Tea and today. CHA TOKYO" package changed to environmentally friendly biodegradable material

Wed, Aug 12, 20

From the sale on August 12, 2020 (Wednesday), the " Tea and Today. CHA TOKYO " package will be changed.

Like EN TEA, the new package uses a custom-made zipper bag that uses biodegradable materials and returns to the soil.
We have decided to change it in consideration of the environment.

In addition to the new package, we have devised ways to avoid discarding as much as possible, such as using the biodegradable material "Soilon" for all tea bags, to realize a sustainable society and environment. We are working to contribute.
* If you have purchased by regular purchase, the new package will be available from the next shipment.

We appreciate your continued patronage.