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[THEME] Living close to tea

A tea leaf shop pursuing the potential of Japanese tea [ GEN GEN AN illusion ]
Tea experiment discussion with professionals of various genres gathering around it " NEW TEA LAB ". In the 8th time, in addition to being active as a model and actress, the appearance of transmitting daily lifestyles reads a lot of sympathy. Miyako Takayama Mr. is. We asked Mr. Takayama, who has been in contact with EN TEA tea since its foundation, about "daily tea".

Tea set and tea to choose according to your mood

Beautiful tea utensils lined up on the table. Mr. Takayama usually invites his friends to his house. When brewing tea for visiting friends, it starts with "your favorite tea set, please".

"I dare to put out a different bowl and ask them to choose a tea bowl like a fortune teller according to the mood at that time. It also means that you can understand your own tea bowl, but that is more fun." ( Takayama)

The vessels lined up on this day are Koimari, which was purchased in Oedo Kottoichi two years ago, and Karatsu's Kentaro kiln vessels and teapots, which are used not only for tea but also for beer and cold drinks. The same, the pottery of Keiichi Ishii, and the pottery of Yamato Kobayashi.

"A word from a shop I met in Oedo Antique City, where I bought Koimari, made the hurdles for tea ware much lower. I don't know the age of the ware and the standard of value, so which one to choose? When I was wondering if the answer was correct, he said, "Choose what you like. Don't think hard, choose what you like with your clothes." With that word, I realized that it's okay to match and select vessels based only on intuition and feelings of liking. From there, I slowly collect things that touch my heartstrings. "(Mr. Takayama)

It's fun to choose your favorite tea set and tea according to the mood of the day. On this day, the tea leaves prepared by EN TEA representative Maruwaka are the EN TEA blend tea line " Tea and today. 7 types of "CHA TOKYO" .. The tea bag sways in the hot water poured from the teapot that Mr. Takayama holds, and the scent of tea naturally spreads throughout the room. I chose this day "Tea and today. CHA TOKYO's ginger roasted tea ..

"I really like this roasted ginger tea and I repeat it many times. Even in the cold winter, the ginger warms my body, and in the summer, I put ice after making it a little thicker and cool it. It's very delicious when you drink it. It goes well with food and you can taste it well by itself. It's the most versatile and I feel that it's a basic tea in a sense. EN TEA's tea is very easy to understand. Of course, I enjoy it as a daily tea, and I am happy to give it to anyone. "(Mr. Takayama)

I want to choose the one who is interested in the taste

Mr. Takayama says that he often brews tea before going to work in the morning. In a space filled with tranquility, breakfast is lined up and you can enjoy the aroma and steam of fragrant tea. A short break before the start of a busy day. It is said that if you slowly put hot tea into your body, you can feel the deliciousness of the tea all over your body.

He says that he always tries to make his own rice no matter how busy he is. By spending even a little time and taking a lot of effort, I realize that it can be transformed into something "tasteful".

"It's been a couple of years since I started to take the act of brewing tea on a daily basis. It's not just eating and drinking what I bought with cooking. If you take a little time to brew it for just 5 minutes, it will not taste good. I always have a desire to drink delicious food, so I don't want to eat "tasteless" food. I'm convinced that it's "dull" when I write it, and when I brew it properly, I like it. It's a solid taste. It takes a lot of work, but it's a point that I can't give up even if it's only 5 minutes. "

It is said that tea utensils have gradually been prepared over time. The latest tea utensils are tea strainers from Kyoto's long-established wire net Tsuji. I got it at the Ginza Handicraft Market that was held the other day.

"I've always wanted it, but when I visited Kyoto before, I didn't know much about the types of tea, and the habit of brewing tea wasn't as good as it is now. I felt that I was finally able to use the tools properly, so I bought it as a long-cherished desire. I want to buy anything with the writer's face and feelings. I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Tsuji in person the other day, and now I think I got it! "

Tea strainer, tea set, tea canister in a teapot. The tea utensils lined up on the table have the appearance of being important and carefully selected over time, and are familiar to the Takayama residence.

A gift that thinks about the other person

Mr. Takayama keeps in mind that he is trying to see the lifestyle of the person he met. When giving a gift, he is said to be the person and give something that suits his lifestyle.

"I like to give flowers to someone, but for example, some people have a small table or don't have a vase. It might be a nuisance to give a bouquet to such a person, so flowers. When I give it, I sometimes give it as a set with a vase. As with the "Tea and Cup" set, there are people who have a habit of brewing tea and people who do not, so I would be happy if you could get it as a set as an entrance. I felt that it would be. It's a starter set that can be started from today. I feel that it is one of the concerns in a sense to make the entrance quickly instead of pushing it. "(Mr. Takayama)

"Even from the maker's point of view, I really make it with that kind of feeling. The act of brewing tea and drinking tea requires a vessel. By putting a cup together, nothing is needed, only hot water If there is, it will be an environment where you can drink tea. While some people think that the hurdle is high, " Tea and cup I hope that it will be a good success experience and that you can enjoy tea more easily. of course," Tea and cup However, there is no rule that you should only drink tea with this cup. Depending on your mood, you can drink coffee, water, whatever you like. (Maruwaka)

" Tea and cup "" Is a set of 3 types of EN TEA tea bags, a cup with a lid of VISION glass, and a sleeve. Kaikado tea ceremony and Kamairicha set " Tea and tea ceremony Along with this, it is a product that focuses on "tea as a gift."

"Tea is perfect as a souvenir or a gift. It's also a concern, it's light, and anyone can drink it immediately without worrying about it with a tea bag. The appearance as a product is not beautiful and it has a burden on the environment. I don't want to choose such a product, so I want to be able to see the contents and the creator, and choose a beautiful and delicious product. "(Mr. Takayama)

A landscape with tea that fits into everyday life. The reason why it looks so nice in Mr. Takayama's lifestyle may be that he cherishes the "5 minutes, but 5 minutes" of brewing tea in his busy days.

Edit & Text: Kana Takeyama ( PARK 365 )

Tea and cup

Tea and tea ceremony