#Tea Girl 030. Shiori Sato

Sun, Oct 20, 19

Women called "Chayamusume" who were longing for the common people in the Edo period. The scenery with delicious tea and girls became popular, and it is said that they were depicted in numerous ukiyo-e prints. If Chaya Musume was in the present age, the theme was " # Tea Girl ".

Today's #Tea Girl – TODAY'S CHA GIRL –

030. Shiori Sato / 29 years old / Model

Q1. Do you have a favorite tea?
Hojicha, green tea, barley tea, jasmine tea

Q2. When do you want to drink tea?
I love tea so I always have it by my side, but the tea I drank when everyone was talking "I'm full" after I finished eating rice with my grandpa the other day was so delicious that my family wasn't there. Is it at that time?

Q3. What do you absolutely want to eat at the end of your life before the last tea in your life?
A handful of ark shells!

Q4. Have a cup of tea and take a break. Is there anything you would like to try or challenge in the future?
I would like to continue to challenge my voice work.
It's really fun to be able to concentrate on your voice.

Drinking tea: Green tea Banana smoothie (GEN GEN AN)
Location: Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku

Shiori Sato < model debut in t7> 2001. Currently, while working on magazines such as "MORE", "mini" and "sweet", NTV "100 million people's big question !? Laugh and collaborate!" "Hirunandesu!", TBS "King's Brunch" and other variety shows Also appearing regularly.

Masumi Ishida
Photographer. May 2017 Held her first solo exhibition "GINGER ALE". In February 2018, TISSUE PAPERS published her first collection of works "light years". She expands her range of activities in magazines and advertisements.