#Tea Girl 026. Haruka Imou

Fri, Aug 30, 19

Women called "Chayamusume" who were longing for the common people in the Edo period. The scenery with delicious tea and girls became popular, and it is said that they were depicted in numerous ukiyo-e prints. If Chaya Musume was in the present age, the theme was " # Tea Girl ".

Today's #Tea Girl – TODAY'S CHA GIRL –

026. Haruka Imou / 21 years old / Actress

Q1. Do you have a favorite tea?

Q2. When do you want to drink tea?
When I'm at my grandmother's house.

Q3. What do you absolutely want to eat at the end of your life before the last tea in your life?
Garlic chives made by my mother.

Q4. Have a cup of tea and take a break. Is there anything you would like to try or challenge in the future?
I want to see a superb view of the world.

Drinking tea: Lemon tea Latte (tea and today. CHA TOKYO)
Location: Miyashita Park

Haruka Imou
Born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1997. "Beard and Raincoat" (Director Takami Yawata) won the Girls Award in the Japan category for Short Shorts Film & Asia 2019. Her starring movie "Sayounara" (directed by Yuho Ishibashi) will be released on September 6th at Uplink Kichijoji. In addition, "Soire" starring Nijiro Murakami and W (directed by Bunji Sotoyama, produced by Kosuke Toyohara and Kyoko Koizumi) is scheduled to be released in 2020.

Masumi Ishida
Photographer. May 2017 Held her first solo exhibition "GINGER ALE". In February 2018, TISSUE PAPERS published her first collection of works "light years". She expands her range of activities in magazines and advertisements.