Red roasted tea tea bag


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Roasted tea that is mainly used for the stems that are selected in the process of making black tea. Black tea and roasted tea are roasted to bring out the goodness of each, and the oriental scent with a vivid flower-like scent and the natural and deep sweetness spread in the mouth.
It is delicious to brew it in hot water as it is, but we also recommend the "Red Roasted Tea Latte", which is made by putting a tea bag directly into hot milk just before boiling and steaming it to add honey and sweetness.
* Tea bags use the biomass material "Soilon" made from plant starch. Unlike ordinary tea bags, it does not emit microplastic and is kind to the sea and the body.

Easier to drink than black tea and more gorgeous than roasted tea

While making the best use of the sweetness and gorgeousness of black tea, it is roasted so that you can feel the relieved aroma.

Carefully cultivated material

Roasted using mainly stems that are selected in the process of making black tea.

Beautiful taste

Black tea and roasted tea have a taste that complements the goodness of each.
Natural sweetness and fragrance that does not require sugaring.