[CHA TOKYO] Tangerine firewood fire evening tea tea bag



Tangerine is blended with "firewood fire evening tea" which is said to have been made over 100 years ago.
Firewood-fired tea is a tea made by roasting a wild tea tree that has been grown naturally for more than 3 years without human intervention, and is characterized by its aroma and refreshing hydrangea.

The aroma of wood-fired late tea is combined with the freshness and sweetness of tangerine to give it a taste similar to that of mandarin oranges.

It is also characteristic that there is almost no amount of caffeine, and it can be enjoyed by both small children and elderly people.

* Tea bags use the biomass material "Soilon" made from plant starch. Unlike ordinary tea bags, it does not emit microplastic and is kind to the sea and the body.

■ Contents: 5g x 7
■ Ingredients: Tea (domestic), orange peel

Tea chart

Taste and aroma
・ Woody aroma followed by citrus aroma
・ Refreshing sweetness
How to brew
Put one tea bag in 250 ml of hot water (90 ℃) and wait for 180 seconds

For ice:
Put one tea bag in 125 ml of hot water (90 ° C), wait 240 seconds, and pour into a bowl of 100 g of ice

Recommended scenes
Night / Before bedtime / When you want to warm up

Picking place
Tea: Nara prefecture
Tangerine: Mie prefecture, Wakayama prefecture

Manufacturing method
A wild tea tree that grows naturally without any intervention is picked and dried together with its branches in winter, then cut into small pieces and roasted over a wood fire to finish it. ・ Separate leaves and branches. By roasting and blending, the unevenness of roasting is eliminated, and the taste is more refreshing. Co-produced with tea master Kenichi Ikawa
・ Dried tangerine is sieved and cut so that the optimum degree of extraction and fragrance are enhanced
・ First, the warm aroma of wood-fired evening tea so that the sweetness of the tangerine can be felt gradually after the tea rises.