PARTNER # 012 "Sumiyoshi Sake Sales HIBIYA"

I would like to introduce the partners who are handling tea leaves, sympathizing with the thoughts of EN TEA.

# 012 Sumiyoshi Sake Sales HIBIYA
The basic idea of ​​"pursuing a correct food culture and aiming for abundant harmony with nature" The flagship store that I expressed. Sake, food, vessels, and all the products lined up here are special things that you can feel "beyond the deliciousness" born from "the blessings of nature" and "human wisdom and conscience".
You can enjoy such real sake and food casually from noon at the kakuuchi (standing drink) corner in the store.

1-1-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Midtown Hibiya B1F

Business hours
11: 00-21: 00
Regular holiday: Same as the facility

EN TEA tea types
Water Dashi green tea
Mizudashi green tea Sansho
Roasted tea Lemongrass
Tea and today. Shell ginger black tea
tea and today. Tangerine firewood fire evening tea

At EN TEA, excellent tea from all over Japan, those who sell it , We have a desire to become a tea platform for people who drink tea.
Business partners We would like to think together about the charm of tea leaves and our future that will lead to the future.
We are also looking for new business partner stores. For more information, please contact us from here .